Maxima Ι.Κ.Ε.

Our Company

Premium Spirulina Production Company
3 of the 4 greenhouses-production tanks (1-3) and the harvest area with the dryer (0)

In 2012 we created a new company for the production of Premium spirulina. Spirulina Maxima PC has as its object the production, packaging and distribution of spirulina.
Step by step we proceeded with respect, consistency and trust to our good scientific collaborator, Dr. Biology Ioannis Tzoveni. We have used his long experience in research, production and study of the properties of spirulina since 1984. We built the most innovative spirulinaproduction company in Greece. Following faithful, advanced protocols, we produce the highest quality spirulina that exists in the Greek market.

Our Facilities

In an area of 17000 sq.m. the company has:

  • 4000 sq.m. greenhouse plants for the production of spirulina.
  • 800 sq.m. dryer
  • 200 sq.m. harvest areas, facilities for storage, processing and packaging ..

The innovative production line combines love for the environment and respect for the consumer. Produces spirulina using the least amount of energy required.

Premium Spirulina Production Company
Inside the greenhouse. One of the spirulina production tanks.

The Right Production Methods

Premium Spirulina Production Company
Dryer Maxima PC

The sun is the most important resource in the production of spirulina (in photosynthesis and drying). That is why our company produces spirulina onlyin the summer months. Spirulina is collected daily from the tanks, starting before sunrise. Spread in the dryer to dry and collect the same day before sunset. It is packaged with the minimum percentage of moisture to have a pleasant taste, smell and consistency in quality characteristics.

Our Company And Our Vision

After years of continuous development, search and experimentation, a new perspective on production emerged. A versatile food presented by the spirulina production company, Maxima PC. With love and passion, according to the requirements and consistency that real quality products must have.

Spirulina Supreme comes to you after we have first felt as producers, the sense of responsibility and passion for the production of Premium products. The laboratory results with the quality characteristics of the product, the constantly increasing demand in Greece and the countries of Europe, prove the care and experience for the perfect result by raising the bar of evolution.