Spirulina 4Health Bar
Tahini, Pumpkin Seeds


Spirulina 4Health bar

✔️ Contains the minimum daily recommended dose of Spirulina Supreme (1 g equal to 3 tablets).
✔️ Flavored Tahini – Pumpkin Seeds
✔️ Suitable for pupils, students, athletes, employees who seek daily extra energy.
✔️ Also suitable for old and damaged organisms (especially for people who have
symptoms of malnutrition).
✔️ Rich in fiber.
✔️ Free of fat, palm oil, sugar & preservatives.
✔️ Also suitable for strict vegetarians (Certified product).
✔️ Produced and packaged in Greece.

A unique recipe, with Serres spirulina, without sugar or palm oil.

Product rich in fiber. With tahini, it contains nutrients that have a beneficial effect on the body, and pumpkin seeds that contain a significant amount of Ω-6 and minerals such as iron, magnesium and zinc.

The 4health bar was created to be the most important part of a full breakfast for any teenager or adult.

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